What is kemiclassico blog about?

kemiclassico.com is a top relationship blog in Nigeria created for the purpose of discussing engaging and relatable topics on love, dating, and relationships.

Kemiclassico's blog - Love, dating, and relationships

This relationship blog officially launched on Valentine’s Day – the 14th of February, 2021– coincidence much?

The blog categories include Relationships, LOL, Features, and Love seat.

The ‘Relationships’ category discusses issues centred on love, dating, and relationships through storytelling and opinions from wonderful readers like you.

The LOL category which is my favourite is where you laugh and enjoy sarcasm at its best. Posts under this category should not be taken seriously as they come with a ‘do not try this at home’ disclaimer.

The ‘Features’ category is dedicated to talented writers and bloggers who desire to come on board through storytelling, valuable relationship tips, poetry, and other forms of writing to create a memorable experience for you.

The ‘love seat’ category is the interview section for singles, married and other relationship statuses, so you can learn from their wealth of experiences on love, dating, and relationships.
Other categories will be unveiled as the blog grows in strength to make your membership on the blog a memorable one.

For the moment, let’s love and learn together.

Welcome to my blog!