First Date Questions You Should Ask

First Date Questions

A while back on Twitter, the topic of first date questions arose with many tweeps giving their opinions on what an ideal first date should look like.

A fraction of the debaters, those I like to call the cruise masters, argued that first dates shouldn’t be an interview.

They said you are supposed to eat, make small talk, and have fun for the rest of the date. And in subsequent dates (if the first one went well), you can come with your portfolio of interview questions.

Another category of debaters was up for asking important questions on the first date—this, according to them, will give you timely clues on whether the date is worth a repeat or not.

Whichever category you belong to, I believe that asking questions whether on the first, second, or third date wouldn’t hurt anyone.

The least you can do is decline any question that makes you uncomfortable.

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I believe that first date questions are important. Asides from satisfying your curiousity about the person, it helps you gain perspective and have basic knowledge of the person you’re with.

So, if you are going on a date anytime soon, I’ve compiled a few important first date questions that you should have at your fingertips in this COMIC blog post.

These questions are not set in stone and you are allowed to be flexible so you don’t come off as an interviewer who is interested in what’s good for them and not the person.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

First Date Questions

Have you fought in traffic before?

If their answer is no, then they are not real Nigerians. And if their answer is yes, then they don’t have patience and will argue with you at the slightest inconvenience.

Do you think comedy shows are a waste of time?

If their answer is yes, then you are about to date a mathematics teacher. Just buy textbooks so that both of you can study together instead of going out to have fun.

Do you enjoy reading gossip blogs?

If yes, they are drama kings/queens and you might wanna reconsider the next date carefully because if you guys have a fallout, well…

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What do you do for fun?

If their answer is reading, just know that e don finish be that.

First date questions

Salad or moimoi?

Moimoi is king, that’s all I can say. Figure out the rest.

Owanbe or Zoom meetings?

See ehn, life is a tad hard already and anyone who chooses zoom meetings over owambe belongs in another planet.

What makes you happy?

If good food and credit alert are not on the list, then they are deceiving you. Leave the country for them.

What are the qualities you look out for in a partner?

If ‘having sense’ is not part of the criteria, then all I can do at this point is send thoughts and prayers your way.

How long was your shortest relationship?

If their shortest relationship was more than one week, then they are lying. Don’t ask me how I know, I just know.

love questions

Any japa plans?

If their answer is yes, it means that they are not patriotic citizens. If they are not loyal to their country, how can they be loyal to you?

And if their answer is No, it simply means they are afraid of change which is not a good thing.

Do you make your bed in the mornings?

Anybody that doesn’t make their bed after they wake up in the morning should be fined for unkempt-ness.

Do you love pets?

If they don’t like pets, what do they love? Dinosaurs?

Shawarma or swallow?

If they choose shawarma over swallow, they won’t be loyal to you. I can’t explain it but I just know it. How will you choose shawarma over…you know what? Never mind.

Who are your top three music artistes?

If they do not mention Speedy Darlington, trust me, they don’t appreciate good music.

Why are we on this date?

‘Because I want to get to know you better’ is too serious for my liking. They should say something less serious like, ‘To discuss the nation’s problems’ or ‘To deliberate on the changes in the stock market’.

What do you love most about yourself?

Their first answer should be ‘how I breathe’, if they say something else, order Uber and go home.

What’s your idea of romantic?

If all they are mentioning are hugs and kisses, they will corrupt you. Stay away. Good food is the best romantic idea ever.

is kissing important?

What are your top three movie series?

If prison break is not mentioned, stop eating immediately and go home. They are not serious.


These are the questions I could come up with. I posted the topic on my Whatsapp status and here are a few responses I got.

Blessing’s response:

  • What’s your genotype?
  • How do they see ‘wives’ in your family? Is she someone to be pampered or a domestic worker that should do chores at the slightest opportunity?

Demmy’s response:

  • Have you at one time in your life dated a yahoo person either by proxy or direct?
  • Have you ever said ‘education is a scam?”
  • Are you a persistent user of organic soap and cream mixed by a chemistry dropout in the name of glow?

Freke’s response:

  • What are your likes and dislikes?

Tee’s response:

  • Ronaldo vs Messi

If they choose the latter, then it’s a forking red flag.

love and dating

So, what do you think?

Are there other first date questions that should be included in this comic post?

Please, drop your thoughts in the comment section and I will be waiting to read from you.

That said, who wants to go on a first date with me?

Oya meet me in the comment section.

Memes Credit: Zikoko Memes

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  • Japa question cannot b over emphasized.
    Do u have japa plans?
    Ow serious. Lets marry do i can be part of that plan..

    Jones Tosin October 5, 2021 1:41 pm Reply
    • that part of the plan is very necessary

      Oluwapelumi October 5, 2021 1:59 pm Reply
    • I swear.
      We gotta leave to find greener pastures

      Kemiclassico October 5, 2021 2:46 pm Reply
    • everything here is lit
      Great job comrade

      Oluwagbeminiyi October 9, 2021 10:46 pm Reply

    My God! If Prison Break no feature here, I don’t know what else will.

    Wonderful post!
    I don’t need anymore questions. I’m bookmarking this page for consultancy purposes.

    Thank you.

    Oluwakemi October 5, 2021 1:46 pm Reply
    • You’re welcome, Kemi.
      Thank you for reading.

      Kemiclassico October 6, 2021 10:21 am Reply
  • Chelsea or Man u? If she chooses man u, just know that she will always make wrong decisions like Ole

    Oluwapelumi October 5, 2021 1:58 pm Reply
    • Loool!
      Duly noted, Pelumi.
      Thank you for the contribution.

      Kemiclassico October 5, 2021 2:46 pm Reply
  • But wait ooh this slang of, “I want to get to know you better” is too serious for my liking. Shey I look like mathematics calculations ni,abi physics formula ke, Anytime I heard that, I always dey Japa.

    Esther October 5, 2021 5:06 pm Reply
    • Maybe he just wants to know you better, you never know

      Stop japa-ing

      Kemiclassico October 6, 2021 10:23 am Reply
  • Do you tear shaki with your eyes open or close? If it’s open, sa ere asala for your life ‍♀

    Humorous as always.

    Kehinde October 6, 2021 7:08 am Reply
    • This question!
      I can’t help but laugh out loud.
      Thank you for the contribution, Kehinde.

      Kemiclassico October 6, 2021 10:23 am Reply

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