From Course Mates To Soul Mates: Meet The UDEHs

From Course Mates To Love Mates: Meet The UDEHs!

*Drum Rolls*


This is our first episode in the love seat category!

Can you hear me screaming right now?

I am so excited that this category has finally kicked off!

Remember I said here that this category will be dedicated to interview sessions for singles (because single lives matter too), engaged, and married (tell us as e dey go).

Today, we are kicking off with this beautiful couple who welcomed us into their home, served us refreshments, and bared their hearts to us.

Are you excited as I am?


Let’s dive right in!


KC: My Lords, if we may, may we meet you?

Couple: We are Mr Chukwunonso and Mrs Onyinye Udeh.


KC: Where did you meet?

UDEHs: We met in school, the University of Nigeria Nsukka. We were in the same department, Mass Communication, in the Faculty of Arts. Precisely, level mates.

From Course Mates To Soul Mates: Meet The UDEHs

KC: Was it love at first sight or friendship first?

UDEHs: It wasn’t really love at first sight. We were classmates and became friends before we started dating.

KC: What was your first date like?

UDEHs: It was during our second year holiday, can’t recall which semester.

My wife was spending the holiday at her uncle’s place in Surulere which happened to be the same area I lived so I visited her and we went out for lunch at an eatery.

I think that was actually our first official date.

KC: Where and when did your first kiss happen?

UDEHs: That was in her hostel, on her birthday, 2nd of May 2005. That was when we officially became a couple.

KC: How long did you date before getting married?

UDEHs: About 4 years.

From Course Mates To Soul Mates: Meet The UDEHs

KC: How long have you been married?

UDEHs: We’ve been married for 12 years.

KC: Fantastic! What was the most memorable event on your wedding day?

UDEHs: Our court wedding venue was a registry in Surulere and my wife went to the wrong registry that morning.

She called to say she had arrived and was searching for me where she was while I was also searching for her.

It was quite funny that we had to agree to meet at the gate and on getting there we realized that we were not in the same location.

Eventually, we were able to meet up with the time given to us.

KC: Glory to Jah! Children?

UDEHs: We are blessed with 2 amazing children. A girl, Chiamaka, who is 11, and a boy, Samuel, who is 6 years old.

From Course Mates To Soul Mates: Meet The UDEHs


Spill the tea!!!

What attracted him/her to you at first?

Wife: His looks, friendly nature, and caring personality.

Husband: She was stunningly beautiful with very attractive and prominent breasts.


*coughs* someone, get me water, please! How did you know he/she was the one?

Wife: I don’t even know if he is the one, I am still test-running.

He just knew how to make me happy. He is an enjoyable companion. LOL

Husband: When I realized that I would like to see her in my future and she was the type of woman I wanted to raise my kids with.


Who says ‘I love you’ more often?

Wife: Hubby

Husband:  Me


*side eyes Onyinye*

What do you love most about your husband/wife?

Wife: He goes the extra mile to put a smile on my face. He is selfless.

Husband: The fact that she is God-fearing.


What is your love language?

Wife: Money and words of affirmation.

Husband:  Food and touch.

From Course Mates To Soul Mates: Meet The UDEHs

What pet names do you call each other?

Wife – Babe

Husband – Sweety’m, Onyinonso.


*Someone must be slicing onions cos my eyes are watery rai now*

Public display of affection or private? 

Wife: Public display it is

Husband: Public display always


What are the sweet things he/she does that makes you awwnnn?

Wife: Buying sharwarma for me on his way back from work.

Husband: My wife is selfless. She goes out of her way to please me.


How has marriage changed you?

Wife: Hmm. I now think for 4 instead of 1. Hubby, my kids, and myself.

And sometimes our extended family too.

It is also difficult to have alone time in peace unless I am not in the house.

There must be a distraction from one or all of the above.

Husband: It has made me more conscious of certain things, helping me understand that life is not all about my own choices and wants.

It has also made me more accommodating.


How do you know he/she is angry about something?

Wife: He will suddenly become cold and withdrawn. Then he calls my attention to it afterwards.

Husband: When she begins to sulk.


How do you resolve conflicts in your marriage?

Wife: We quarrel, apologize, laugh, and have sex.

Husband: Talk and sex.


*coughs four times*

How has parenting affected your intimacy/privacy as a couple?

Wife: Hmm. Not been easy o. Everyone seems to want your attention at the same time.

I have to look for a way to balance things.

The kids are always in your face.

So we make time and send them on holiday sometimes so we can spend more time together without interference.

Husband: Our intimacy is strengthened when we agree on some specific parental guidelines together, irrespective of the distractions.


What are your bonding activities?

Wife: We hang out as often as we can. We could just drive out with no destination in mind or take a walk alone.

Spending time alone to talk and trash anything that bothers us as well as reconnect after a hectic week of distractions.

Husband: Sex, eating together, going to church together, and quality time.

From Course Mates To Soul Mates: Meet The UDEHs

 Rapid fire round!

Who is more generous?

Wife – Me

Husband – My wife

Who is the music person?

Wife – Me

Husband – Me

Who says ‘I’m sorry’ first?

Wife – Hubby

Husband – Me

Who is the better cook?

Wife – Me

Husband – My wife

Who is more outgoing/social?

Wife – Hubby

Husband – Me

Who is more jealous?

Wife – Hubby

Husband – Me

Who is the foodie?

Wife – Hubby

Husband – Me

Who spends the most money?

Wife – Me

Husband – My wife

Who is funnier?

Wife – Me

Husband – My wife

Who is the better dancer?

Wife – Me (He will not agree)

Husband – Me


Using your marriage as a good example, tell us what marriage is all about.

Marriage is about finding the one you are willing to embark on life’s journey with despite the odds.

It is a journey of tolerance, growth, trust, and faith in God.

What are the important qualities that matter most in marriage?

Communication is key. Loyalty, understanding, and truthfulness are also vital.

You are twelve years strong! Tell us what the journey has been like…

Wife: At the beginning of our marriage, maybe because we were quite young at that time, we struggled with a lot of family interference.

Our respective families, being the caring people they are, always wanted to give advice and even have a say in a lot of things that concerned our young family.

We had to seek counsel and we decided that we could not continue to please everyone while displeasing ourselves.

We had to take the bull by the horns and decide when we needed to shut every other person out and face our family and the responsibilities by ourselves.

The truth is, if you make your spouse your priority, and walk according to God’s plan for marriage, it will help you make your marriage work and overcome a lot of challenges.

The keyword is being selfless.

If the husband is looking out for his wife’s best interest and vice versa, then you can face every challenge together and enjoy your marriage.

From Course Mates To Love Mates: Meet The UDEHs

Husband: It has been a roller coaster, ups, and downs, highs, and lows, blackouts at certain points, but with the benefits of hindsight and from my vantage point, I can say we are doing fine today.

We have been able to ride the storm and we have enjoyed relative calm.

Like my wife said, we were quite young when we got married so there were lots of interference from family, friends, and society as well.

My wife is not really an introvert but I am an extreme extrovert so I had to deal with hanging out with friends. Being quite young, I couldn’t quite separate myself from them immediately.

I had to deal with some habits and demeanors that should not be associated with one who was in the prime time for marriage.

My wife had to struggle with being a young woman who didn’t have enough time for the transition period so we had to deal with the kind of issues that come from there.

From Course Mates To Soul Mates: Meet The UDEHs

 What were some of the challenges you encountered early in marriage?

The major challenges were family interference, youthful exorbitance, finances, and indecision.

We depended on our family for support at certain times.

At various points, one of us was out of job and the other person had to carry the family.

There were trying times and we struggled with our responsibilities at some point in time.

We also had clashes with the parenting styles that we were used to.

How do you manage interference from friends and family?

Wife: We have agreed that nothing else is more important than us.

We had a big struggle with that in the early years of our marriage but with experience, we know better and try to find a way to balance it.

Anything that will cause a rift between us has a secondary position.

Husband: I have learnt the hard way not to bring anybody between my wife and I.

How we navigated other challenges…

We also allowed ourselves to be anchored by family because we both come from family-oriented backgrounds so it places a significant part in how we deal with ourselves.

We also had a few skirmishes here and there as regards integrating our respective families but over time we have been able to smoothen over the edges and arrive in a place of comfort.

We are rooted in family and we believe and trust in God.

I can proudly say, that I don’t see anything changing our fortunes for the worse.

I only see us getting better and becoming better role models for our children.

Advice for singles…

Stay single. Enjoy your singlehood and don’t be in a hurry.

Advice for married…

Stay Married. Enjoy your marriage and remember it is not all about you.

As long as you make your spouse your priority, you will always find joy and satisfaction.

From Course Mates To Soul Mates: Meet The UDEHs!

KC: Thank you so much for taking your time to answer!

UDEHs: Thank you for having us, dear Kemiclassico!

KC: Kemiclassico loves you both.

UDEHs: Mr. and Mrs. Udeh love you too!


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      The Tory Teller March 26, 2021 1:10 pm Reply
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  • Oh my gosh, I was just blushing as I was reading this. Awwwwnnn, Awwwnn, Awwnnnnn..shulai I stop?

    Thank you, KemiClassico for this tantalising interview with the Udeh’s. I really enjoyed it.

    To the Mr and Mrs Udeh, I pray that Abba continually strengthens your union. Your union birthed my darling-Samuel!

    Here is to many more Chiamakas and Samuels!

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  • First edition issa hit! Kemiclassico, hope you were drinking water with all the cough you were coughing?

    I have a question for the couple: how do you manage your finances together? Is it a completely joint matter, abi his money is our money and my money is my money own?

    JoyToTheWords March 26, 2021 2:01 pm Reply
    • Joy, I drank five gallons!
      Thank you for reading.
      Mrs. Udeh will attend to your question shortly.

      kemiclassico March 26, 2021 2:07 pm Reply
    • Thanks dear Joy for your comment.
      As regards managing our finance, we both contribute to the financial needs of our family.
      Everything is ours. We are both working and supporting the home for now. We have an agreement on what each person can bring to the table based on each person’s income although, Uncle brings in a higher percentage sha and I support him especially in spending it as Minister of Spending Affairs.

      Tory Teller March 26, 2021 3:11 pm Reply
    • This was beautiful to read

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        The Tory Teller March 29, 2021 10:08 am Reply
    • Thank you dear Joy.
      We have an agreement to always set aside a specific amount of money monthly for running the home and this depends on what we earn. But Uncle always brings the larger percentage while I support him and ensure proper spending as Minister of Chop-life that I am.

      The Tory Teller March 26, 2021 6:25 pm Reply
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    • The surprise office celeb. on your anniversary made me appreciate how committed you both are on this journey of love. ☺

      And, it reflected in this interview.

      Oyin& hubby may your love for each other come anew daily.

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      I enjoyed reading this.

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      • Thank you for reading, Tina.
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  • I’ve always admired the Udehs, they’re lovely people.
    God will continue to strengthen your home with glad tidings.

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      kemiclassico March 27, 2021 5:32 am Reply
    • Amen!
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  • Awwwww this is so sweet. Congratulations to u both.
    Truth be told, I picked a thing or two to help me thru this path.. Thanks a lot Udeh’s.

    Emenike March 27, 2021 4:59 am Reply
    • Thank you for reading, Emenike.

      kemiclassico March 27, 2021 5:32 am Reply
    • Thank you Emenike.
      I’m glad this was helpful.

      The Tory Teller March 29, 2021 10:14 am Reply
  • My sweet people! Proud to say I was there from beginning till date! I pray God continues to strengthen this union and bless your love forever!

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      Thank you for the heartfelt prayers, Becca

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      The Tory Teller April 6, 2021 2:17 pm Reply
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