I Told Her I Would Marry Her On Our First Date – Meet The OLANIYIs

Love and marriage

Hello lover! How have you been?

Missed me? Yeah, I missed you too.

Guess what?

We are back and better with the second episode of our love seat interview.

If you are reading kemiclassico’s blog for the first time, Love seat is a category where the married share insights about marriage, singles share their stories, and the engaged share their experiences.

In our first episode, we interviewed the UDEHs, the amazing couple who have been married for twelve years and counting. If you missed that episode, please catch up HERE.

In today’s episode, we took a first-class flight to Sokoto to meet with the OLANIYIs.

Enjoy their interview!

love and marriage

May we meet you?

We are Mr. & Mrs. Olaniyi Oluwole Ebenezer

Where did you meet?

We met during our National Service year (NYSC) at Igebti, Oyo State.

Was it love at first sight or friendship first?

Not really, her character and beauty attracted me. Then, we built a strong friendship that developed into a beautiful relationship, and now marriage.

What was your first date like?

Our first date was very conversational. We got to know each other better by asking questions about ourselves and expectations for our relationship.

Where and when did your first kiss happen?

Our first kiss was during our NYSC days.

How long did you date before marriage?

We dated for 3 years before getting married.

Please gist us, how did the proposal happen? 

On our first date, I told her I was going to marry her. She was mildly surprised but soon enough, she was on the same page with me. So, there wasn’t any ‘surprise’ proposal when I eventually asked her to marry me.

How long have you been married?

2 years and 9 months

What was the most memorable event on your wedding day?

It was when the Pastor announced us as husband and wife. We said, “At last!”


A beautiful daughter.

love and marriage

Mrs. Olaniyi

Spill the tea!!!


What attracted him/her to you at first?

Wife: His gentle heart and kind words

Husband: Her beauty attracted first, and she exhibited all the qualities I needed in a woman—intelligence, good character, and care. My wife is the best.


How did you know he/she was the one?

Wife: Through a dream, inner conviction, and peace of mind

Husband: She ticked all my quality boxes and I also heard from God. He said, “Don’t make a mistake again”.

Immediately, I understand what God meant and swung into action.


What do you love most about your husband/wife?

Wife: His forgiving heart and soft words.

Husband: Neatness


What is your love language?

Wife: Gifts and helping hands.

Husband: Words of affirmation, quality time, and physical touch


What pet names do you call each other?

Wife: Priceless

Husband: Priceless.


Public display of affection or private?

Wife: Private

Husband: Private


What are the sweet things he/she does that make you awwnnn?

Wife: Forgiveness and tolerance in all situations

Husband: Most times when she smiles from her heart.


How has marriage changed you?

Wife: It has helped me control my temperament

Husband: Marriage has made me more responsible, more caring, and more loving.


How do you know he/she is angry about something?

Wife: His Silence

Husband: Her Silence


How do you resolve conflicts in your marriage?

Wife: We talk and shout at each other if need be, then we settle with hugs or sex.

Husband: I am the first to apologize even when she’s wrong, then we apologise.

We don’t sleep over issues. We resolve our issues privately.


How has parenting affected your intimacy/privacy as a couple?

Wife: We communicate on how to put everything in order.

Husband: There is time for everything and we balance both through understanding.


How do you manage interference from friends and family?

Wife: We resolve conflicts by ourselves, No interference

Husband: We do not allow interference from third parties.


What are your bonding activities?

Wife & Husband: We look at our family album and watch movies together

Love and marriage

Rapid fire round

Who is more generous?

Wife – Him

Husband – I am

Who says ‘I love you’ more often?

Wife – My husband

Husband – I do.

Who is the music person?

Wife – I listen to music a lot.

Husband – My wife

Who says ‘I’m sorry’ first?

Wife – He does

Husband – I say it.

Who is the better cook?

Wife – I cook better

Husband – My wonderful wife.

Who is more outgoing/social?

Wife – He is the social butterfly.

Husband – I am.

Who is more jealous?

Wife – Hmmm…

Husband – I am ooo

Who is the foodie?

Wife – He is.

Husband – I looove food.

Who spends the most money?

Wife –  I am

Husband – she has said it.

Who is funnier?

Wife – my husband

Husband –  I am

Who is the better dancer?

Wife – he has answered.

Husband – I am

love and marriage

Mr. Olaniyi

Using your marriage as an example, tell us what marriage is all about.

Wife: Marriage is not rosy but is enjoyable when you consciously put in the work every day.

Husband:  Marriage is all about understanding and learning more about how to make your relationship better. Marriage is sweet when you give room for understanding and TRUST.


What qualities matter most in marriage?

Wife: Effective communication

Husband: LOVE.


You are two years and nine months strong! Please, tell us what the journey has been like…

It has been full of growth and blessings and so far, we enjoy the process of progress.

What is your understanding of submission in marriage?

Keeping calm to understand and care for your partner in the love that binds you together.


What were some of the challenges you encountered early in marriage and how were you able to navigate them?

Wife: I get easily angry and he helped me overcome it

Husband: I caused most of our misunderstandings because I was not very organized, so I had to change.

Every Friday we sit and ask ourselves, “Where did I fail this week and where do I need to grow?”

Then, we discuss how to make it better. This has helped us a lot.


Advice for singles…

Wife: Let God lead you.

Husband: Open your heart and eyes. Love is not blind

Advice for married…

Wife: Pray and be truthful to yourself and your partner.

Husband: Keep praying, keep enjoying, Don’t be over-confident, so that you won’t fall.


Thank you so much for taking your time to answer!

Kemiclassico loves you both.


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