What is the riskiest thing you have ever done for someone?

Do long distance relationships still work?

The last batch of our Vox pop is here: What is the riskiest thing you have ever done for someone?

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what is the riskiest thing you have ever done for someone?

In a few words, I took a 50k loan for my supposed girlfriend when I was gaddem broke.

A few days later, she stopped picking my calls or replying to my text and chats.

I had to use another loan to pay that loan when it was due. The loan grew to almost 80k before I could clear it all.

In fact, It was supposed to be a 200k loan but I couldn’t see where to get that amount.

It was God that saved my head.


What is the riskiest thing you have ever done for someone?

I won’t really say it’s a risky thing, maybe it’s because I’m used to taking risks or for the fact that I can do the same for a friend.

Back then in school, my ex told me he wanted to start a viewing center business.

I was happy about it because he came from a struggling family and secondly, that business booms a lot in school area.

My mum saved some money with me and I took 150k out of it to support him.

The crazy part of the whole thing was that I knew my mum could ask for that money anytime but I was so foolish in love that I believed that he would make profit fast and pay back on time.

In summary, he spent the money on something else and ghosted me.

At some point, he blocked my number and moved to town to stay with his friend for a while.

Maybe he thought I would come to his hostel and create a scene but I never did that.

He unblocked me after that but I didn’t say pim.

My mum asked about the money later on and I lied that I lent a friend who needed help with her school fees. She believed me and didn’t ask about it again.

About three weeks later, he returned to school area and didn’t call or text me to explain anything.

He would see me in the faculty and do eyes right and I didn’t confront him, even though I was boiling inside.

We graduated in 2016. I served, returned to Lagos, and continued my life.

Early 2019, he chatted me up because he sees my status and I post peng stuff.

Baby girl has started working and small small change is entering.

He sent a long apology message on Whatsapp. I read it but I didn’t respond.

He copied the message and sent it as a text message. Still, I didn’t answer.

Then, he called me. I was already boiling and planning to curse him but I know it was God that prevented me from doing so.

I picked the call and acted like I didn’t know him.

I denied ever hearing his name and insisted it was a wrong number.

I think he got the gist and ended the call.

Guess what?

He blocked me again.

– Yetty

what is the riskiest thing you have ever done for someone?

The biggest risk I have ever taken for a woman was to introduce her to my family.

Before you say it’s not a risk, know that I have never taken a girl home before that time.

So, when I met her, I thought I had found the one.

I have always hidden my relationship from my parents because I know how invested they can be in such matters.

Some weekends, this babe would come over and stay 2-3 days in my parents’ house.

It became an iyawo wa kind of thing.

Even though I wasn’t ready to get married, I did that to prove to her that I trust her and was thinking about the future for us.

Anyways, it didn’t stop her from breaking up with me for the silliest of reasons. I wasn’t surprised when she started dating someone else about two weeks later.

I was pained but nothing spoil. Never again.

– Deolu

What is the riskiest thing you have ever done for someone?

I don’t take risks for anybody except myself. That’s why I was shocked when I read some of the stories here. People dey take risks mehn!

If I want to do anything for anyone, I must have examined the advantages and disadvantages before taking that step.

But now I think about it, the riskiest thing I have ever done was for my coursemate. He had a carryover and he paid me to write the exam for him.

I needed the money, so I helped him write it even though I knew the consequences of my actions if I was ever caught.

After the exam, I collected my balance and continued my life. Later on, I was thinking about what I did and I vowed that I would never take such a risk again.

– John

What is the riskiest thing you have ever done for someone?

Hello lover, this is the end of our second vox pop!

I must confess that some of the answers had me in my feelings, especially the stories of betrayed trust.

I can’t imagine the hurt that accompanies such heartbreak and all I can say is don’t let the disappointment change you.

Ingrates will always be ingrates no matter how kind you are to them.

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  • All these people running away with somebody’s money what exactly is the color of their problem?
    Do they even know what you sow is what you’ll reap?

    The Tory Teller May 4, 2021 6:37 pm Reply
    • I thought so too.
      It’s just too sad, people’s trust have been broken a lot!

      kemiclassico May 13, 2021 8:31 am Reply

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